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What People Are Saying About Cressy


"After a chance meeting with Cressy"

"After a chance meeting with Cressy I summoned up the courage to make an appointment, something I will never regret.  Suffering from self-doubt and anxiousness whilst trying to start a new business and also having deep rooted family issues. Cressy with her infectious laugh, positive nature and sound advice not only gave me the confidence to get my business up and running but also to confront my complex relationship with my family.  Cressy is someone I feel I can always go back to for advice and guidance. 

Thank you Cressy - the best phone call I ever made." 


"I am enormously grateful that our paths crossed"

“I am enormously grateful that our paths crossed and I was able to benefit so much from your kind and positive wisdom. I felt exceptionally comfortable and well supported in your presence.  I loved your creative energy and gentle approach. Thank you so much again Cressy - it feels good to feel in control and to have found a better way forward.”


“Cressy has been helping me"

“Cressy has been helping me to understand and work with long term issues that have been getting in the way and holding me back from getting what I truly want in life. She has been amazing, I feel so much better and have made huge progress.

Cressy is empathetic, supportive and makes me feel  heard and seen.” CA

“Before starting I really didn't know what to expect"

“Before starting I really didn't know what to expect especially as I'm not good at talking about myself. Or so I thought - Cressy gave calming and positive support and helped me to find many answers to questions. More importantly for me, Cressy helped me understand and appreciate who I am. Can't thank her enough!”


"When I first met Cressy, I was struggling"

"When I first met Cressy, I was struggling with self-doubt and unable to grow my business as a result. Within six months of working together, I had solidified my business plan, won several new clients and doubled my monthly income. Cressy’s invaluable support enabled me to distil my own values and strengths which empowered me to drive my business forward."


“Coaching sessions with Cressy have helped"

“Coaching sessions with Cressy have helped me to understand myself better.  She has helped me to realise what I want and to achieve it.  She has also given me the confidence to trust myself. As a result I am following the  path that I hoped for whilst finding a balance with my family and work life”.


"Cressy's naturally positive characteristics"

"Cressy's naturally positive characteristics filter through into all her coaching sessions. She has literally turned my life around. I've come from being introspective and lacking in self-esteem to now brimming with confidence and positivity. Cressy is a wonder and I will always be deeply grateful for all her help. I could not recommend her more highly as a life coach."